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Why do ADHDers repeat words and noises? Echolalia in Adults

The urge we get to parrot or repeat a word or sound we hear is a form of Echolalia.

Bingo Bongo

It's pretty common for people with ADHD or ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) to do this amongst each other in a group.

Just about any noise can become echolalia if it tickles the brain right.

  • A car horn

  • Animal noises

  • A popular phrase

  • Words or instruments in a song

  • Sounds from objects moving

  • A word that's fun to say or pronounced uniquely

It's a form of vocal stimming to repeat sounds... It's simply fun and stimulating!

If it has a nice ring to it, it may stick and replay in our brains like a catchy commercial jingle would.

We might feel compelled to mimic inappropriate things at inappropriate times like...

G'day, mate!

Someone's dialect or a phrase that might be very out of context.

Common Echolalia moments:

Repeating words with heavy accents, Saying dialogue from movies/shows out of context, Phrases or noises on loop internally, Mimicking strange noises back and forth with a friend, Getting stuck repeating part of a song

Often when echolalia is discussed, there is a focus on children and their language development. But like ADHD, it's not only limited to childhood. We are just more aware and self conscious of these behaviors as adults.

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