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Master Your Stress So You Can Ace The Test

ADHD Student Coaching Program with the Miracle Formula to Help Students Overcome Test Anxiety

Learn Our Proven Techniques to Unlock Effective Study Strategies, Time Management Skills, & Overcome Task Paralysis.

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Meet Your Course Creators

A photo of Brooke Schnittman

Brooke Schnittman, MA, BCC, PCC

Meet Brooke Schnittman, an ADHD coach who was diagnosed as an adult. With her personal and professional experience, Brooke empathizes with the struggles of ADHD. In 2018, she created the 3C Activation program to help others using boundaries and small actions to achieve success through Maintaining Momentum. Her book "Activate Your ADHD Potential" shares these strategies. Leading a team of specialized coaches, Coaching With Brooke supports ADHDers worldwide. Brooke aims to positively impact 10 million more individuals in 5 years. Clients succeed by controlling chaos, improving careers/academics, relationships, productivity, and accountability. Brooke and her team empower you to activate your full potential.

A photo of Staci B. Weiner, Psy.D.

Staci B. Weiner, Psy.D.

Staci Weiner is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist with nearly 20 years of experience in private practice, day treatment, university, and school settings. She has worked with children, adolescents, adults and families addressing various mental health concerns. Dr. Weiner conducts psychological evaluations to understand diagnosis and treatment needs. She has experience collaborating with schools, physicians, and attorneys to provide a holistic perspective. Dr. Weiner's specialty areas include ADHD, PTSD, Depression, and Anxiety. She was an Adjunct Professor at Pace University teaching Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Dr. Weiner holds a Masters in School Psychology and a Doctorate in School/Clinical Psychology from Pace University. She is licensed in NY since 2004 and in Florida since 2020.

What's the Process?

Maximize Your Executive Functions 


Uncover your inner strengths: Master response control, amplify memory prowess, manage emotions, enhance focus, initiate tasks effectively, prioritize smartly, streamline organization, master time, fuel persistence, adapt seamlessly, and refine self-awareness

  • ​Increased ability to control impulses, enhance judgment, & navigate actions

  • A newfound ability to manage emotions, achieve goals, excel under pressure

  • A personalized action plan designed to sustain focus, start strong, prioritize, adapt, self-evaluate

Time Management & Organization

Effective planning means setting paths, deciding what matters, and acting on it. From kids sorting out disputes to teens landing jobs, it's about goals, systems, time, and unwavering pursuit.

  • ​Plan with purpose: Strategize goals, tasks, actions using our simple Planning Blueprint

  • ​Discover proven tools and support for improved focus, confidence, consistency, and long-term habit creation

  • Learn effective and easy to execute organizational skills manage your agenda and follow through on goals 


Master Mindfulness


3C Activation empowers ADHD adults with control over past beliefs, consistency in healthy habits, and newfound confidence through habit stacking and true fulfillment.

  • ​Phase focuses on equipping for long-lasting habit change and overcoming old patterns

  • Habit stacking builds muscle memory for routines and leads to increased productivity and success

  • Real-world testing, support, and accountability drive personal growth and confidence in managing ADHD challenges

Everything You're Going to Get...

Master Your Stress Mockup

6 Months Access to the video eCourse to: 

$6597 (Value)

Unleash Peak Executive Functioning: Elevate Productivity to New Heights with this proven Blueprint 

​Master Time Management and Organization: Conquer Chaos and Supercharge Efficiency

Harness the Power of Mindfulness: Calm the Chaos to prevent burnout 

Emotional Mastery Made Easy: Navigate Your Feelings with Confidence 

Conquer Stress with these Expert Techniques: Regain Control of Your Well-being

ADHD Test Taking Hacks: Ace Exams with these Proven Strategies​

ADHD Student Test-Prep Workbook

$1997 (Value)

​Maximize Your Executive Functions: Learn the 11 components of Executive Functions. When you know which are your strengths & weaknesses, your student can plug into their Executive Functions.

Transformative Learning Enhancement: Offers profound insights into your learning style, empowering you to optimize your educational journey for unparalleled success.

Follow-up emails with support & resources for you to keep forever!

$497 (Value)

​Consistency: Reminders are necessary for continuous growth and success. Take the role of advocate by checking in with you student in the ways that you will be reminded to. When accountability boundaries are defined, anxiety will be under control and expectations will be clear.

BONUS 1: Discount Code to renew the eCourse subscription for the first year

$497 (Value)

In addition to the LIVE Group Course & Recorded sessions, Brooke and Dr. Staci will give you access to their Private Facebook Group for 6 months

BONUS 2: Executive Function Guide & Accommodations for Executive Functions

$149 (Value)

TOTAL VALUE: $10,234





Get Started Today 100% Risk-Free

Upon completion of this course and implementation of these strategies for 1 month or more, we are so confident you will love your results that if for some reason you find that this product has not helped your student then I'll give you a full refund on your course purchase. 

guarantee seal

- Brooke Schnittman

What are people saying?

I had the best coach ever!


She patiently worked with me to construct a plan for my school work. She also would check in to make sure that I was on track with my work and would check in with other things in my life as well.


She was so sweet and so encouraging!!!


"I hadn’t realized just how serious ADHD can be! 

You hear of it all the time and blow it off. You think a child is hyper and give him a pill; well parents that’s not the case.
ADHD is a serious condition that needs to be managed. If you want your child to succeed at school, and in life, they have to learn how to manage their personal effects from ADHD.

As parents, it is our job to provide every tool to make our child productive for the real world. No one can do it alone. As they say, it takes a village; or I took on the role of the team leader to get everyone in place as my son was approaching 6th grade.
Thanks to Brooke and her team I am proud to say after a long year of learning lessons, and working diligently our son made the honor roll.
We can never thank Brooke enough for her absolute dedication, knowledge, and attention to detail."

-Abbey, (Parent) Boca Raton, Fl

"My son has been working with Brooke Schnittman, an academic and life coach who specializes in working with children through adults who struggle with ADHD and executive function difficulties.  Brooke has been an integral part of his improved overall success this school year. Previously he has worked only with tutors. Brooke came highly recommended in the coaching community and I'm so glad we found her. "

-Student Parent


"My son and Brooke have worked on building a study schedule for the week, increasing his study skills, improving his organization, completing and turning in homework, and building systems that can be implemented throughout the week and his life while she is not with him. She checks in with him throughout the week and holds him accountable for the goals that are set.


The reason why I am writing this is that I would love for you and/or your children to get what my son is getting!" 

-Jennifer B (Parent of Middle School Son), Miami, FL

"Jake continues to value your weekly call. He says the accountability is good for him.  I'm happy to say he is much more organized than he was before we started with you. It truly is amazing and he is so proud of how far he has come. I feel like it is a bit like a housing project though as in when you fix one area, other areas that need fixing to stand out...I'm so glad he is organized and he continues to work on focus."

- Karen (Parent of College Student), Santa Cruz, California


"Pardon my French, but this is (insert word) wild! I feel like I'm dreaming...I can't believe I graduated! I cannot thank you enough for helping me through this. I can't wait to continue working on what's next!!!​

-Lilly ( Senior in High School), Naples, Fl

"I reached out to Brooke for help after an absolutely brutal first semester in college. With my combination of ADHD, poor time management skills, and a bogus organizational system, I hit rock bottom and was told I would be asked to leave my honors program at school if I didn't get my act together. Brooke continuously helped me by brainstorming some unique strategies that would help me focus on my work, and kept me accountable with the daily and long-term goals that I had set up with her. I met with her once a week for long meetings but could text her literally whenever I had an issue and she responded super quick with helpful tips. She's crazy organized and helped me turn my grades around, among a bunch of other things. I could not recommend her enough. 6/5 stars."

-Christian (College Student), New Brunswick, NJ

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