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Packing a Bag

Sick of OVERSTUFFING travel  bags & still forgetting the essentials?

Say goodbye to lugging around extra baggage on trips.


Brooke's FREE ADHD-Approved Travel Checklist is here to revolutionize the way you pack. With this comprehensive packing list, you'll never miss a thing and have stress-free vacations!

Don't let packing anxiety ruin your vacation. Download your FREE copy of Brooke's ADHD-friendly vacation packing list today and experience a whole new level of travel preparedness.

ADHD Packing List Preview 1
ADHD Packing List Preview 2
ADHD Packing List Preview 3


  • Your Stress reducing travel checklist

  • Outfit calendar to plan out each day and STOP overloading your suitcase

  • Packing basics checklist in an easy-to-follow ADHD friendly format

  • Brooke's tried and true packing tips

  • Space to customize and expand your list

  • Full color & Greyscale versions for your choice of a vibrant visual experience or a printer-friendly black & white

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