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Welcome to ADHD EdCamp!

Our FREE annual event with over 3 incredible hours of ADHD education and support. ADHD EdCamp is a Must-Attend Event every year. 

At ADHD EdCamp, you will have the chance to form strategic, long-lasting collaborations with the ADHD community that will empower you.





Previous Attendees

Previous Speakers



If you’ve joined us before for ADHDEdCamp, you know the magic that’s in store for you. Bring your loved ones, a friend or colleague –there’s no one who has ADHD or who works or parents someone with ADHD that won’t benefit from this event.

Celebrate 5 ADHD EdCamps With Us in 2023!


ADHD EdCamp is the premier event for parents of children with ADHD, Adults with ADHD, students with ADHD, and professionals specializing in ADHD.


It’s a must-attend unconference for anyone who wants to gain support, be touched, moved and inspired by others in the ADHD community. ADHD EdCamp is your GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY to secure connections with the ADHD community, worldwide.

Hear firsthand from our co-founder, Brooke Schnittman - ADHD/Executive Function Coach from Coaching With Brooke, co-founder Dr. Christina Seamster Area Head of School at Fusion Academy and Lynn Miner-Rosen, M.Ed., ACC, CDCS from LMR Coaching as well as others to learn all of the ins and outs of ADHD and how to manage the symptoms at home, in school and at work!

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Past Speakers

Brooke Schnittman MA, BCC, ACC

Owner and founder of Coaching With Brooke

 ADHD Coach & Life Coach, Worldwide


Christina Seamster Ph.D.

Lynn Miner-Rosen M.Ed., ACC, CDCS

Area Head of School at Boca Raton Fusion Academy

Founder of LMR Coaching, LLC & ADHD Job Squad™, Professional Career Coach, ADHD Coach & Life Coach, Worldwide


Melissa Knight, MA, MCC, BCC

Senior Director of the Institute of Achievement & Learning Lynn University & C.A.S.C. Coaching LLC

Dr. Sharon Saline

Cindy Goldrich, Ed. M., ADHD-CCSP

Clinical Psychologist & ADHD Expert
Author · Coach · Consultant · Speaker

Founder, Certified ADHD Parent Coach, Teacher Trainer, Author and Speaker at PTS Coaching. LLC


Elizabeth Ahmann, ScD, RN, PCC,


Micah Saviet, MSW, LMSW, CEAP, CHWC

Edan Alcalay, PsyD

Research Director at Springer Institute for research, an International Coaching Federation Professional Certified Coach (PCC)

Director at Springer Institute for research, Social Worker, Researcher, Author, and Presenter

Child Psychologist at Boca Raton Center For Child & Family

Márta Vajda

Sarah Cheyette, MD

Dea-Marie Tompkins

Educational Consultant and ADHD Coach at Coaching With Brooke | Doctoral Student | Professional Member of IECA | IPPA and NACAC Member

Pediatric Neurologist in San Carlos, California, ADHD Speaker

Executive Function Student Coach at Coaching With Brooke


Mark and Mira Halpert

Developer and Directors of 3D Learner

Dr. Kimberly Seman

Physical Therapist, Founder of F.I.T. PT

Kamden Hainsworth

Founder of ADHDirectory