Adult ADHD Group Coaching

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Clients' Feedback

"I want all of your clients to know that you got me on the path where I am now getting a Ph.D.!...and when I was struggling with the application and major imposter syndrome, it was our group that supported me through it.

-Anna W- Social Worker and Ph.D. Student, MI

"I learned different tools to use to help me organize, everybody helped put your situations into perspective in order to find solutions to do your daily work. If I ever get into a funk, I can use the tools that Brooke gave me."

-Brooke, Boyton Beach, FL


"This program reinforced the fact that I'm not alone in my struggle with ADHD. I have nothing to be ashamed of, and there are plenty of ways to tackle this. It's not a one-size-fits-all issue."

-Kira, For Lauderdale, FL


"I enjoyed seeing how ADHD gave us all the same problems but affected our brains differently. Hearing about other group members' issues gave me new ways to think about my own ADHD. I also learned that I was being way too hard on myself and I need to put myself first in everything I do."


"I'm sticking to writing my schedule, being more positive and realistic about what I can and can't handle, and I'm working on accepting my brain for what it is."

"Throughout these group meetings, I was learning not only about the other members but also about myself and how my problems are not unique. It felt really good to have a support system and to recognize that there is nothing wrong with me. It was also helpful to have accountability with my group, and it was uplifting to follow their journeys as well."