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Adult ADHD Group Coaching

Do you thrive with support and accountability in a group setting?

We have several levels of group coaching to fit your needs and learning style!

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This unique opportunity is for adult professionals who have already done deep coaching or work. Participants will receive accountability, coaching, and support from the coach in a small group of Adults with ADHD.

Group members should takeaway the confidence in knowing they are not alone with their ADHD and that they can continue to grow and make progress towards their goals and their ADHD.

Maintaining Momentum is a weekly intimate group coaching environment.

Weekly sessions starting @ $197 per month subscription

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Are you an adult (21+) ADHDer looking for emotional regulation tools?

Coaching With Brooke's "Healing ADHD Emotions" program is the answer you're looking for...Join us for 8 consecutive weeks of top of the line coaching from one of our most requested coaches for an unbeatable price!

Together you will learn how to:

  • Take control of your negative thoughts and beliefs

  • Reframe your mindset

  • Heal your past

  • Reduce defensiveness

  • Visualize 

  • Differentiate between fact and story

  • Let go of your ego

  • Identify your Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria and tools to manage it

  • Stop taking things so personally

  • Increase your dopamine levels naturally to think more positively and obtain greater focus

1x a week for 8 consecutive weeks @ $997 one-time payment

Payment Plan Available

3C Activation: Control, Consistency, Confidence

This unique opportunity is for adult ADHD professionals 25 and older who are beyond ready to step into a new paradigm of living, find order in the chaos of their ADHD life, and transform themselves so they can be more productive, confident, and lead a thriving life.

Group members will learn to better understand core values, identify "why's" and motivations, increase confidence and reduce anxiety, & develop a roadmap to achieve success.

This 12 week, hybrid program involves working closely with your Coach one-on-one and in a group setting of up to 6 members. 


$2,997 one-time payment

Payment Plan Available

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