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3C Activation™ Program for Coaches

Help professionals learn how to control the chaos of their ADHD, build positive habits and routines to create a life of control, consistency, and confidence both personally and professionally.

3C Activation: Control, Consistency, Confidence

Join 3C Activation for Coaches
Created by internationally-known ADHD Coach, Coach Trainer, and Speaker, Brooke Schnittman, MA, PCC, BCC.

Having ADHD can be HARD!


As an Adult with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) who coaches other adults and students with ADHD, Brooke understands the struggles that come along with being an ADHDer.

Who is Brooke?

Brooke smiles while typing on the laptop in front of her.

ADHD Coach Brooke Schnittman, MA, PCC, BCC, and Founder of Coaching With Brooke has worked with 1000s of ADHDers for over 20 years. Her goal is to help motivated students and adults activate their full ADHD potential. She has been featured frequently in Forbes, Entrepreneur and ADDitude Magazine, The International ADHD Conference, NBC, Fox and ABC News, Chopra Global, and more. Most recently she has authored the Best-Selling book, "Activate Your ADHD Potential" and is the host of the award-winning podcast, "SuccessFULL With ADHD." She runs an annual free summit called ADHD EdCamp for adults with ADHD and parents of ADHDers.

Brooke’s team of specialized coaches have over 100 years of combined experience help determined ADHDers, worldwide who meet with chaos, frustration, and shame by providing them the tools and accountability to lead a life of control, consistency, and confidence!

3C Activation For Coaches is open to
Coaches specializing in ADD/ADHD, Business/Organizations, Career/Transition,  Leadership, Personal/Organizational, Small Business, and Professional Coaches who are ready to lead others through this unique journey.


  • New and experienced coaches who want to help professionals with or without ADHD

  • Coaches who don’t have a signature process and are looking to learn and teach a proven process that has been implemented with thousands of clients leading successful and more fulfilled lives

  • Coaches who are also looking to receive the benefit of the 3C Activation program as a client while learning the methodology to use with their clients

  • CCEs for coach continuation or use these credits towards your ICF Coach Certification

Join the waitlist for the announcement of the next cohort!



  • 3C Activation™ for Coaches is a 12 week hybrid program with 1:1 and group coaching. 

  • Help clients get to the root of what's been holding them back. 

  • Help them learn the subconscious beliefs that have blocked them from living in alignment with their actual strengths and values. 

  • Help your clients create a life where they can feel more in control of their ADHD, consistent with their habits and routines, and confident in living an empowered life.

  • Learn the essential science and latest research on how ADHD and Executive Function deficits impact every aspect of an individual's life.

  • Develop best practices and strategies to help adult professionals control the chaos of their lives, create consistency in their positive habits and routines, and become confident in improving their overall mindset, time management, productivity, and overall self-worth, both personally and professionally.

  • Train to facilitate 3C Activation™  course for your clients.

  • Learn to provide 1-on-1 and group Adult ADHD Coaching support using the impactful 3C Activation™ philosophy with your clients.


3C Activation For Coaches is accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and the credits can be used in their accreditation program at the Center For Coach Certification.

With 3C Activation™ training, you are more than halfway towards the training hours needed for your ICF ACC designation and ICF Membership.

The Center for Coaching Certification will support you with the coach training and mentor coaching required for ICF membership, ACC, MCC, or PCC credentials. See the chart below for the requirements for each step along the journey to becoming a certified ICF Coach.

Please reach out if you have any questions:

Credential Paths


  • The Training consists of 18 hours of live interactive group classes 2, 1:1s and 12 hours of asynchronous learning

  • You also get to share 3, coaching sessions of each module for Brooke to review for competency, as well as receive a 1:1 session with Brooke at the end of your training to help you deliver this course to your clients.

  • Training is approved for 35 hours of International Coaching Federation (ICF) Continuing Education credit (30.5 Core Competency and 4.5 Resource Development). You can use this training for the hours needed to apply for an ACC, PCC, or MCC credential as long as you meet the credential-specific requirements. (see below for more)

  • You will be assigned one or two coaching buddies from the class to meet with for weekly discussion and practice. The expectation is that you will speak with your partner for one hour per session for the asynchronous learning portion of the training.

  • During each class, brief homework is assigned to reflect on and deepen your learning. 

  • Each class is recorded so that you have it for future review. (Recordings are also used for periodic audits by accrediting organizations and occasionally for students in other classes when their recordings are defective. Registering for a class means agreeing to these uses of recordings.)

  • All of the lessons, presentations, and training materials are intellectual property owned by Coaching With Brooke, LLC and its founder, Brooke Schnittman.

  • Participants agree that there shall be no duplicating, replicating, or otherwise reproducing the materials for the use of anyone other than expressed by Brooke Schnittman and Coaching With Brooke, LLC.

  • The total cost of the program is $5000.  This includes the first year’s renewable annual license fee of $600.  See the Renewable Annual Licensing Fee section below.  The Training fee may be paid in full or in two or three payments.

  • Lesson 12 homework and 3 recorded lessons MUST be completed by 2 weeks after completion of last class.

Non-Discrimination Policy

Coaching With Brooke, LLC is committed to addressing issues of diversity and multiculturalism and engaging in practices that reflect the belief that professionals will thrive only by developing an inclusive coaching community. This commitment is fully aligned with Coaching With Brooke’s, LLC's values that prohibit discrimination based on age, color, gender, national origin (ancestry), physical impairment, marital status, political affiliation, race, religion (creed), disability, or sexual orientation in the application of all program policies and procedures. Any and all instructors must adhere to these standards.

Cancellation Policy

Coaching With Brooke, LLC may cancel or reschedule the training at its discretion.  Coaching With Brooke, LLC is not responsible for costs outside of course fee refunds that students may incur due to cancellations or rescheduling. Additional courses are added based on enrollment.

Coaching With Brooke, LLC will notify participants at least two weeks before a training cancellation unless an unforeseen emergency deems it necessary to cancel a class in short order.  Course fees will be refunded to each participant or applied to a future course at the participants’ discretion. 

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