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Student Coaching

Learning From Home

Let us Partner With Your Child to Discover How to Maximize Their Executive Functions, Strengths, Interests, and Passions!

Do you have a child/student with ADHD and/or executive functioning weaknesses?​

Is your child not meeting their potential due to executive functioning challenges?

Students with ADHD and executive functioning difficulties can face many challenges.

Allow us to partner with your child by providing them support and guidance. We coach Middle School, High School, and College students.

What Does This Process Include?

With Every 1:1 Student Coaching Package You Get...

  • 4 Laser Focused Coaching Sessions up to 40 minutes


  • Unlimited Accountability including texts, voice memos, and emails


  • Communication with a team (Psychiatrist, Psychologists, Teachers, Guidance Counselor as needed if permission is given)


  • Review of any evaluations pertinent to students' coaching


  • Executive Function and Learning Style Questionnaire, Personal Coaching Agreement, Goal and Action Sheet, and Personal History Form

What are people saying?

I had the best coach ever!


She patiently worked with me to construct a plan for my school work. She also would check in to make sure that I was on track with my work and would check in with other things in my life as well.


She was so sweet and so encouraging!!!


"I hadn’t realized just how serious ADHD can be! 

You hear of it all the time and blow it off. You think a child is hyper and give him a pill; well parents that’s not the case.
ADHD is a serious condition that needs to be managed. If you want your child to succeed at school, and in life, they have to learn how to manage their personal effects from ADHD.

As parents, it is our job to provide every tool to make our child productive for the real world. No one can do it alone. As they say, it takes a village; or I took on the role of the team leader to get everyone in place as my son was approaching 6th grade.
Thanks to Brooke and her team I am proud to say after a long year of learning lessons, and working diligently our son made the honor roll.
We can never thank Brooke enough for her absolute dedication, knowledge, and attention to detail."

-Abbey, (Parent) Boca Raton, Fl

"My son has been working with Brooke Schnittman, an academic and life coach who specializes in working with children through adults who struggle with ADHD and executive function difficulties.  Brooke has been an integral part of his improved overall success this school year. Previously he has worked only with tutors. Brooke came highly recommended in the coaching community and I'm so glad we found her. "

-Student Parent


"My son and Brooke have worked on building a study schedule for the week, increasing his study skills, improving his organization, completing and turning in homework, and building systems that can be implemented throughout the week and his life while she is not with him. She checks in with him throughout the week and holds him accountable for the goals that are set.


The reason why I am writing this is that I would love for you and/or your children to get what my son is getting!" 

-Jennifer B (Parent of Middle School Son), Miami, FL

"Jake continues to value your weekly call. He says the accountability is good for him.  I'm happy to say he is much more organized than he was before we started with you. It truly is amazing and he is so proud of how far he has come. I feel like it is a bit like a housing project though as in when you fix one area, other areas that need fixing to stand out...I'm so glad he is organized and he continues to work on focus."

- Karen (Parent of College Student), Santa Cruz, California


"Pardon my French, but this is (insert word) wild! I feel like I'm dreaming...I can't believe I graduated! I cannot thank you enough for helping me through this. I can't wait to continue working on what's next!!!​

-Lilly ( Senior in High School), Naples, Fl

"I reached out to Brooke for help after an absolutely brutal first semester in college. With my combination of ADHD, poor time management skills, and a bogus organizational system, I hit rock bottom and was told I would be asked to leave my honors program at school if I didn't get my act together. Brooke continuously helped me by brainstorming some unique strategies that would help me focus on my work, and kept me accountable with the daily and long-term goals that I had set up with her. I met with her once a week for long meetings but could text her literally whenever I had an issue and she responded super quick with helpful tips. She's crazy organized and helped me turn my grades around, among a bunch of other things. I could not recommend her enough. 6/5 stars."

-Christian (College Student), New Brunswick, NJ

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