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Healing ADHD  Emotions


Are you an adult ADHDer looking for emotional regulation tools?

Coaching With Brooke's "Healing ADHD Emotions" program is the answer you're looking for...Join us for 8 consecutive weeks of top of the line coaching from one of our most requested coaches for an unbeatable price!

The first lesson started and I already started crying because I felt seen. Something I have not experienced before!

Together you will learn how to:

  • Take control of your negative thoughts and beliefs

  • Reframe your mindset

  • Heal your past

  • Reduce defensiveness

  • Visualize 

  • Differentiate between fact and story

  • Let go of your ego

  • Identify your Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria and tools to manage it

  • Stop taking things so personally

  • Increase your dopamine levels naturally to think more positively and obtain greater focus


First of all, I understand that my feelings are valid and I am not alone, but it is typical for people with ADHD.

Second, I am much more self aware and know how to help regulate my feelings. I can stay calm now much easier.

What Does This Process Include?

  • Access to Coach and Group Daily through WhatsApp

  • 8, 60 minute weekly live private Zoom group sessions with a maximum of 10 members

  • Access to group recordings

  • Printable Course Manual & Worksheets

  • Opportunities for accountability partners and body doubling

  • LIFETIME access to our Private Facebook Community 3C Activation© with peer-to-peer support.

  • LIFETIME access to our private Coaching With Brooke Discord Body Doubling Group

  • BONUS: 2, 3C Membership Group Coaching Calls

How Do I Join?


  • Current Cohort:
    • ​March 23rd to May 11th (12 pm-1 pm EST)

  • Use the link below to register for one of the 10 seats in the live group (or the waitlist), if you are 21 or older with ADHD and are ready to invest in making positive changes in your life as well as others!

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