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ADHD Coaching Online

Hi ADHDer. You've come to the right place.

We are your team of certified ADHD and Executive Function Online Coaches for Adults and Students with ADHD (8-80 yrs) since 2006.

Our customized and proprietary process, 3C Activation™, helps you overcome overwhelm and chaos and achieve your personal, academic, and professional goals!

Brooke with her Book "Activate Your ADHD Potential"

"Coaching with Brooke has changed my life!


My coach is knowledgeable, resourceful, insightful, kind and compassionate. She really cares and there are really no words to describe how great she is! I am very grateful for her guidance!

Truly Coaching With Brooke deserves 10 stars!"

Nancy, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Nancy, Coaching With Brooke Client

What Clients Are Saying

What Can Clients Expect From Our Team of ADHD Online Coaches?

We will help you gain leverage and take action so you can unleash your ADHD strengths with perspectives, and strategies that help you take charge of your life AND reach your goals!

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ADHD Coaching Offerings

Do you have a child with ADHD and/or executive functioning weaknesses?​

and experienced coaches are invaluable resources for students with ADHD. We help you develop strategies, develop independence/self-advocacy skills, understand how to transition successfully to college, and manage life stressors of middle school, high school, and  college life.

We help you understand your strengths, weaknesses, and growth-related academic demands.

Let us Partner With Your Child to Maximize Their Executive Functions!

Are you feeling stuck and wanting to move forward in one or more areas of your life?

We understand that there are significant adjustments that adults with ADHD need to make in their daily lives.

We help ADHD adults find balance and focus in life in a way conducive to a successful career and personal life.

Get the Most out of Life and 
Embrace Life’s Challenges!

You are not alone in your struggle.

Are you ready to learn how to EMPOWER yourself and stay accountable with the support of other adults and your ADHD life coach?

​ Group members should takeaway the confidence in knowing they are not alone with their ADHD and that they can continue to grow and make progress towards their goals and their ADHD. Our ADHD life coaches work with you to develop your self-awareness and create an action plan to overcome obstacles.

​The Journey to Empowerment...
Let's Ride This Course Together!

Our ADHD Executive Function Coaches can help you develop skills to increase productivity and sales.


We will help you understand how ADHD impacts your time management, organization, and decision-making.


We will show you techniques to develop systems in your business to have a more productive work life.

We will help you understand how ADHD impacts your student's life and give you the tools to help your child succeed at school.

We work with parents who want to learn more about ADHD to support their children and learn more about their own strengths and weaknesses in managing time, making decisions, and much more.

It doesn't benefit only you, but also your family and all those depending on you!

Awards Received

Voted Best Of Florida

CWB Wins Best of Florida 2023!

Brooke and her team of coaches were awarded the Best of Florida 2023 Award in the 'College & Career Planning Services' Category.

Brooke Schnittman making notes in her notebook

As an ADHD Expert, I have over 20 years of experience working with individuals with ADHD.

As an ICF and Board Certified Life Coach specializing in ADHD/ Executive Functioning I, Brooke Schnittman, have coached professionals and students with ADHD, writing tasks, procrastination at work and in school, anxiety related to social situations or other life events, and even the fear of public speaking. I graduated from NYU in Students With Disabilities and immediately started teaching students with ADHD and Learning Disabilities for 8 years, the majority of the time spent in the number one school district in the country, followed by 4 years of Administration in Special Education in New York. In 2018 I started my company Coaching With Brooke and have successfully coached over 1,000 hours with individuals with ADHD. I am an expert in ADHD and have seen firsthand that results are remarkable when you get your ADHD and executive function issues addressed by someone who understands them! ADHD coaching can help you be more organized, more productive, focus on goals, and progress towards success in every area of life.

Why Choose An ADHD Coach?

We have coached people with ADHD in every professional and academic area and have over



When you add ADHD to the mix, it can make life difficult. This is why it is important to identify what obstacles are due to your ADHD or executive functioning issues and focus on strategies to overcome them.


My team and I are here to help you develop clear strategies for approaching what life has in store for you to achieve your goals.

Student wearing headphones on laptop. Remote Learning
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What Do My ADHD Coaching Sessions Look Like?

Our coaching sessions work best when they are consistent and regular. Weekly coaching sessions are the norm, but we can schedule them according to your availability and needs. The first few meetings will give us a good foundation of where you are now, your goals, and what you want to accomplish. We partner with each client and appreciate your feedback and open communication on how you feel the coaching is going. We are constantly accessing the next plan of action to stay focused on your goals and feel empowered in your ADHD coaching sessions. We stay in touch with you throughout the week for accountability since much of the work happens in between each session. 

How Do We Measure Success?

Being able to achieve and maintain appropriate life goals is the ultimate success. We measure our success by the quality of our life and increased happiness and confidence. If you feel empowered and happy, that is where we will continue to find your success with coaching. The coaching process teaches you to take ownership of your life to make more informed decisions, have less stress, and have a better quality of life.

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You've visited our website and are ready to learn more about how Coaching With Brooke's ADHD/EF Coaching program works, congratulations! 


Complete this application and watch the video if you're ready for the Coaching With Brooke team to partner with you and care about you or your child's success as much as you do.

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Book your 1st session with your coach of choice & get started on your ADHD Coaching journey!

So, what are you waiting for?


Fill out the Let Us Show You How form and let's get started.

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