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Hi, I'm Coach Brooke.


I am a certified coach who works with children, teens, students, adults, and parents with or without ADHD.


I look forward to empowering you to achieve your personal, academic and professional goals!

Coaching   Offerings



Get the Most out of Life and 

Embrace Life’s Challenges!

Are you feeling stuck and wanting to move forward in an area or multiple areas of your life?


The Journey to Empowerment,

Let's Ride This Course Together!

Are you ready to learn how to empower yourself and stay accountable with the support of other adults with ADHD?


Partner With Your Child to Discover Their Strengths, Interests and Passions!

Do you have a child with ADHD and/or executive functioning weaknesses?​


My son has been working with Brooke Schnittman, an academic and life coach who specializes in working with children through adults who struggle with ADHD and executive function difficulties.  Brooke has been an integral part of his improved overall success this school year. Previously he has worked only with tutors. Brooke came highly recommended in the coaching community and I'm so glad we found her.  


My son and Brooke have worked on building a study schedule for the week, increasing his study skills, improving his organization, completing and turning in homework and building systems that can be implemented throughout the week and his life while she is not with him. She checks in with him throughout the week and holds him accountable for goals that are set.


The reason why I am writing this is because I would love for you and/or your children to get what my son is getting! 

Jennifer B-Miami Shores, FL

Reasons Why Clients Work With Brooke

  • Organize at work, school and at home

  • Increase executive functioning skills

  • Focus on work/school priorities and productivity

  • Be held accountable

  • Build simpler, smarter habits and routines

  • Improve time management

  • Understand what ADHD is and what it isn't

  • Set and reach goals

  • Arrive to places on time

  • Study and improve homework skills

  • Build better diet, sleep and exercise habits

  • Improve relationships and communication skills

  • Monitor money management

  • Know what to say to other people about their ADHD

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