Want the tools and accountability to live an empowered life?

Hi, I'm Coach Brooke.

My Team and I are ADHD and Executive Function

Coaches certified to work with 

students, children, teens, and adults

with or without ADHD.


We look forward to empowering you to achieve your personal, academic, and professional goals!

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Get the Most out of Life and 

Embrace Life’s Challenges!

Are you feeling stuck and wanting to move forward in one or more areas of your life?


Are you ready to learn how to empower yourself and stay accountable with the support of other adults with ADHD?

The Journey to Empowerment,

Let's Ride This Course Together!


Do you have a child with ADHD and/or executive functioning weaknesses?​

Let us Partner With Your Child to Maximize Their Executive Functions!


I love Brooke, she not only understands the way the mind works, but she also understands emotions and feelings that are involved in your decisions. Brooke genuinely cares about clients' goals and mindsets. She helps with self-discovery and perspective. She listens and keeps you focused on your end goal. With that being said, you can tell that she is well educated in what she is teaching, but also comes from a good place in her heart with her clients' needs. Thank you, Brooke, for helping me put my life back into my own hands.

Brooke S- Mom, Realtor, Wife-Boynton Beach, FL

Reasons Why Clients Work With Us

  • Organize at work, school, and at home

  • Increase executive functioning skills

  • Focus on work/school priorities and productivity

  • Be held accountable

  • Build simpler, smarter habits, and routines

  • Improve time management

  • Understand what ADHD is and what it isn't

  • Set and reach goals

  • Arrive at places on time

  • Study and improve homework skills

  • Build a better diet, sleep, and exercise habits

  • Improve relationships and communication skills

  • Monitor money management

  • Know what to say to other people about their ADHD

Let Us Show You How

Step 1: You've visited our website and are ready to learn more about how Coaching With Brooke's ADHD/EF Coaching program works, congratulations! 

Step 2: Complete this application if you're ready for the Coaching With Brooke team to partner with you and care about you or your child's success as much as you do. We offer 1:1 and group coaching services for adults and 1:1 student coaching packages, but we don’t work with just anyone. We pride ourselves in only working with clients we know we can get results for and those who are ready to take action NOW in their lives. Our time and access are only reserved for individuals who are serious and ready to take action.

Step 3: After you complete this form a member of Coaching With Brooke will email you with next steps.

Brooke@coachingwithbrooke.com                                                                                                                                                  1-561-303-2791

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