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"Please Shut Up Before I Lose it..." Why Do Certain Sounds Tick Me Off? (Misophonia and ADHD)

Misophonia is a strong feeling and reaction to specific sounds. It's very common amongst people with ADHD and sensory sensitivities.

When we hear a triggering sound, it can make us feel uncomfortable, irritated, enraged, or even panicked.

A few common sounds that can set off misophonia are...

  • Chewing

  • Dripping water

  • Ticking clocks

  • Finger cracking

  • Whistling

  • Breathing

  • Jingling change

  • Pen clicking

  • Styrofoam or plastic sounds

ADHDers can struggle with hypersensitivity to stimuli, heightened emotions, and difficulty with filtering and inhibiting responses to incoming stimuli.

When we experience misophonia, it can feel impossible to process anything except the bad sound. It can even affect our relationships and jobs in the long run.

If you struggle with misophonia, here's a few of my tips to consider...

  • TOOLS TO REDUCE NOISE EXPOSURE Utilize noise cancelling headphones or earbuds whenever acceptable. You can also use a fan, music, or white noise to help drown out undesired sounds.

  • EDUCATE THOSE AROUND YOU Let friends and family know how this sensitivity affects you and to not take it personally if you have to leave the room.

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I hear you,

Coach Brooke

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Gabe Clements
Gabe Clements
Dec 07, 2023

This happens to me all the time. My Dad was this way too.

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