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Unmasking the ADHD Clumsiness Conundrum

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

Many ADHDers claim to be exceptionally “Clumsy“ or “accident-prone“.

It’s not uncommon for us to frequently...

  • Knock stuff over or drop things

  • Run into objects (Or walls)

  • Trip over our feet

  • Accidentally hurt ourselves

We may even use the Neurodivergent Sway: The way we sway our hips and limbs around obstacles to avoid hitting them.

Our minds are often occupied by our MANY thoughts while we walk around on a less-than-reliable autopilot. Our mental energy is often primarily focused on our internal thoughts rather than external stimuli.

Combine this with an ADHD brain’s poor awareness of the body in space(Proprioception) plus our blind spots for clutter (Object Permanence) and you have a recipe for clumsy moments!

If you'd like to reduce clumsiness related to ADHD symptoms, consider the following...

  • YOGA, PILATES, or any physical activity that engages your muscle control and mind-body connection.

  • BODY CHECK-IN: Check in with your body to assess hunger, thirst, and fatigue levels. Addressing these basic needs can improve focus and reduce clumsiness.

  • MENTAL CHECK-IN: How has your mental load been lately? Rumination and stress can exacerbate ADHD symptoms, including clumsiness.

  • MEDICATION MANAGEMENT: If you're on medication for ADHD, ensure that you are taking it consistently and as prescribed. Changes in medication can affect symptoms.

  • OVERALL-WELLNESS: Prioritize good sleep and nutrition to support overall brain function and reduce the likelihood of clumsy moments.

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Here for you,

Coach Brooke

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