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Taming the ADHD Beast by Reframing Symptoms as Animal Instincts

One way to tame our ADHD symptoms is to understand our animal instincts behind them.

There's often a survival reason behind many of our reactions & symptoms.

  • Sensitive to distractions -> Identifying potential threats

  • Low impulse control -> First to help in a crisis

  • Hyperactivity -> Endless hunting energy

Even our tendency for boredom can be attributed to our innate role as adventurers, inventors, and innovators within our communities.

Even RSD has instinctual ties! Community is a large aspect of human survival. So of course we'd be terrified of being abandoned or rejected!

Thinking of ADHD in terms of primitive society:

  • Can focus on strategically tracking prey for hours

  • Enjoys weaving baskets while telling stories to the kids

  • Discovers mouth sounds that lure prey

  • Great nighttime guard

  • Sensitive senses to identify dangerous foods

  • Discovers new tools by fidgeting

  • Entertainers & care-givers for the tribe

This way of thinking can reduce a lot of the shame we often carry for feeling 'broken' or 'wrong' when it's really our body doing what it believes to be its job!

Now that you see ADHD strengths in terms of ancient societies, let’s apply it to modern day!

  • Drive to discover & reinvent

  • High tolerance for instability

  • Adaptable to different tasks/positions

  • Lifelong learning

  • Friendly

  • Can apply logic in new ways

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Stay Wild,

Coach Brooke

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