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The Cost of Disruption: How Interruptions Can Derail ADHDers from Our Task

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

As much as ADHDers love spontaneity, disruptions can seriously throw off and distract us from our task at hand.

Research shows that it takes an average of 23 MINUTES to fully refocus on a task after being interrupted. That’s not even considering ADHD...Think about how much that adds up!

Shifting focus is especially difficult for an ADHD brain. Being interrupted can feel like a memory wipe and make us lose track mid sentence or task. When we get disrupted, we may feel...

  • Frazzled

  • Lost

  • Frustrated

  • Like we forgot something

Disruptions to our schedule can make it really difficult to get back into routine. Even few day vacations can leave us readjusting for days after. Being interrupted while working on a project can be incredibly frustrating as we have a really hard time getting back into “the zone” again.

Here are a few ADHD friendly tips to try...


    • Cover or remove chairs

    • Schedule a time in your day to check messages

    • Cut down on sightlines to your desk

    • Use headphones, not buds

    • Pick up the phone like you were going to make a call


    • Utilize "Do not disturb" time blocks on your phone and with housemates

    • Praise housemates for respecting boundaries

    • Consider rearranging your space

    • Turn on white noise

    • Make sure kids are fed and occupied before starting

  • PHRASES TO SET BOUNDARIES Don’t phrase them as questions. Make your statement and set your boundary.

    • “I’m in the middle of something.”

    • “Let’s chat another time.”

    • “I’ll stop by your office/contact you later.”

    • “I need to wrap this up, I can follow up with you later.”

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Best of Luck,


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