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The Ultimate Organization Manual For Life With ADHD

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

If you’re anything like me then organization and prioritizing aren’t your strongest traits but they definitely aren’t your worst either. I’ve always felt like everyone else has such a better grip on handling multiple tasks and delegating them efficiently (I guess that’s normal being in my 20's) but I felt like all their methods just never worked for me.

“Buy a planner to write your to-dos in!”

“You need to study 3 hours a day for this class!”

I thought I had to do everything the way everyone said, otherwise I automatically failed. I’d shut down and become unable to complete any tasks.

“How do I get this all done??”

“I’m not doing it right.”

“How do people even use planners?!?”

Nothing was working for me because I would see a mountain of tasks and become overwhelmed. All I saw was to-do’s and deadlines and it felt like I needed three of me just to put a dent in them.

I didn’t know how to make it all digestible.

It wasn’t until I helped create the work pages for 3C Activation that I felt like I had a better grip on organizing my daily tasks that were consuming me.

I learned how to identify my values and how that affects what gives me drive. I learned how to identify time sucks. I learned to prioritize tasks. But I found the most useful skill to me is the ability to pace and reward myself accordingly to maximize my work output.

Suddenly work feels less exhausting and more fulfilling! I can get so much more done in a day.

3C Activation Breakdown:

3C Activation Adult ADHD Group Coaching Course is the ultimate organization manual for life with ADHD. It’s like prescription glasses for your values, goals, and ambitions!

Along the way, you’ll learn healthy habits to improve your work ethic in all facets. You’ll meet a new version of yourself that knows how to be unforgivably individual and confident in your actions towards your milestones.

If you ever feel like you’re drowning in responsibilities and tasks?

This course is the ladder out of the rut ADHD has dug.

Phase 1: Foundational Self Discovery – CONTROL (Week 1-4)

Identifying the issue is the first step to solving it. You’ll learn to introspect and find where your values lie.

  • Do you pride yourself on your honesty?

  • Hard-working nature?

  • Creativity or leadership?

Whatever it may be, we will learn how to hone and strengthen your abilities. Watch your confidence soar as together we set goals that are realistic, achievable, and beneficial.

Phase 2: Growth Edge Zone – CONSISTENCY (Week 5-8)

With your new foundation and understanding, this phase marks the beginning of growth. Find out your “What's and “Why's so you can become better motivated towards goals and find more enjoyment and fulfillment in the process.

We will equip you with a toolbelt of methods to stay focused, motivated, and consistent.

Daily tasks that used to feel daunting will become a breeze and even spark enjoyment when complete.

Phase 3: 3C Activation – CONFIDENCE (Week 9-12)

3C Activation represents control over your thoughts and past beliefs along with the consistency to stay ahead of the game and the confidence in your own abilities.

Once you curate a routine and stay consistent, muscle memory will form and your focus can be put on honing new skills and completing progressively larger tasks.

Your confidence will grow as each achievement stacks and builds you up to the successful and able person that was always inside you!

**The next group starts on Dec 15th! **

Email Brooke today at

-Rhiannon, Brooke’s Virtual Assistant and Graphic Designer

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