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9 Ways to Simplify Your Life and Reduce Procrastination: A Guide For Adults With ADHD

Updated: Feb 5

I would like to start off by saying that there is no substitute for doing the things that absolutely need to get done! However, the intention of this guide is to give you some hacks

that could reduce frustration and time, while simplifying a task that could have previously been seen as daunting.

1. Don't have time to run to the store?

-Order what you need online. Order household items and food using sites such as Fresh Direct, Instacart and Amazon...just watch those rabbit holes and make sure you don't buy more than you need.

2. Don't have time or don't want to wash your hair?

-Invest in dry shampoo.

3. Don't feel like brushing your teeth?

-Use an electric toothbrush.

-Put this on your to-do list as a "to-do" if you still don't feel like to doing this!

4. Want to reduce clutter?

-Take pictures of documents or use an app like Adobe Scan .

-Organize folders on your phone or upload them to a Drive (ie: Google, Dropbox)

-Pay your bills on e-bills.

5. Having difficulty getting rid of things and organizing?

-Ask a friend or loved one to stand by you to help you make the decision to get rid of it. Use a "body double." Spend time with a friend or loved one and get things done! Sounds like a win-win!

6. Dishes building up? Ditch your sponge!

-Keep up with your dishes by using a a cleaning brush. This takes much less time than a sponge, and it won't ruin your nails :).

7. Clothes not put away?

-First, make sure there is space in your closet/drawers.

-Then, make sure all clothes have a "spot."

-Finally, fold and put all of your clothes away immediately after doing your laundry!

8. Do you suddenly remember everything and have some of your best thoughts when you are in bed?

-Speak to a virtual assistant (ie: Alexa, Google Home) to have them remind you of your thought the next day.

-Keep a notepad and writing utensil by your bed to jot down notes that you think of.

9. Forgetting things for days to come?

-Use a Pend Folder.

-Set reminders on your phone or on your virtual assistant.

-Write things down on your calendar and LOOK AT IT multiple times a day.


For more information on how to manage your time, improve your executive functions and your ADHD symptoms, please feel free to reach out to Brooke by emailing her at or by scheduling an appointment on her website

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