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Five Strategies For Task Avoidance Tips You Need To Learn Now

Updated: Jan 16

In my previous blog post titled, "What Adults with ADHD avoid the Most (The Answers Might Shock You)," common tasks such as ironing, vacuuming, unloading the dishwasher, keeping track of your finances and unpacking your suitcase were listed. Three strategies to work towards accomplishing these tasks were reviewed.

Three strategies that were listed in trying to complete these tasks were:

  • Timing Yourself

  • Staying Accountable ( To a Coach, Friend or Family Member)

  • Looking for Alternative Ways of Getting it Done (eg, Hire someone, use technology)

Here is PART 2 of managing tasks that you often avoid...

1) Make a To-Do List, BUT, and I say BUT, make sure you break down what you want to do into small achievable goals.

  • Do NOT write 10 things on your To-Do List, you can become very overwhelmed!

  • Put the top 3 achievable tasks to do for the day.

  • Record when you will work on them, how you will get it done and how you will know you got it done (again staying accountable).

  • Use a calendar of some sort (online, paper, or both) to help you stay organized with your tasks.

2) Change your environment (eg, go outside, go to your office, go to the library, coffee shop). Sometimes the environment you are trying to complete your work in can be very distracting, did anyone say Netflix?

3) Go for a walk, workout, do something active, this can also help you focus right before you need to accomplish something.

4) Organize the space around you (your home, your office), so you can feel like you are ready to take on more tasks and can find what you need to get to work! Did anyone watch Marie Kondo's show, "Does it Spark Joy" on Netflix? There are a lot of great tips there to help organize your space!

5) Reward yourself for your accomplishments (eg, after you take care of your tasks, watch your favorite show, enjoy a nice bath, play a game etc.)

Check out for 155 ways to reward yourself!


-Coach Brooke

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