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Overwhelmed by Daily Choices? Decision Fatigue & ADHD Connection

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

Anyone can get decision fatigue after making many stressful and complex decisions. But ADHD brains can be stuck in this overwhelm daily.

We may make impulsive choices that leave us with anxiety around making decisions. Anxiety develops into avoidance and then we can miss out on opportunities and lose connections!

Hot decisions have a lot of emotion and tend to be urgent whereas cold decisions involve more cognition than emotion.

Being better with hot decisions, ADHD brains are great at handling emergency situations. Not picking a restaurant for dinner.

When you make thousands of decisions a day that are difficult for you, burnout is inevitable!

If any of the above resonates with you, consider trying...


    • Meal plan on Sundays

    • Set date nights for a specific day of the week/month/etc

    • Create a chore priority list

    • Utilize apps for meal planning, to-dos, appointments, etc

  • TALK IT OUT with someone or alone. ADHDers tend to be verbal processers. It helps to unravel the swirling mess of thoughts.

All my best,

Coach Brooke

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