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"Gimme a minute.😩" Why ADHD Brains Struggle with Transitions

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

Many ADHDers find that we need time to just sit and rest between transitions like...

  • Getting out of the shower

  • Taking breaks /Going back to work

  • Switching projects

  • Getting home from a fun event

Even if it was a fun activity, we may need to sit down and decompress for a while.

Transitioning from A to B requires a lot of energy for ADHD brains to break and then refocus attention.

Then we spend even more effort trying to stay focused on B...

While A keeps popping up in the back of our heads...

And C lingers in the future, stressing us out!

If you struggle with transitions, consider the following:

  • CREATE A SPACER Find a ritual or habit that helps you in transitions. Here's what I do:

1. STOP & take deep belly breaths

2. Visualize yourself doing the next task

3. Launch yourself up and into the task on one final exhale


    • Use the restroom

    • Grab a snack

    • Take a quick walk around the room

    • Quick stretch routine

    • Track your progress

    • Do a full body scan

    • Take a moment to be mindful

    • Do a grounding exercise

    • Play a song (Imagine it's your sitcom transition)

  • EMBRACE ROUTINE: Establishing structured routines can help provide a sense of predictability and make transitions smoother. Knowing what to expect can reduce anxiety associated with switching from one task to another.

If you're looking for more information on how to structure your routine, check out

3C Activation - A 12 week hybrid online group coaching program designed for adult professionals looking to better manage their personal and professional life with ADHD. Learn more

Take your time,

Coach Brooke

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