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Don't Tell Me What To Do! Navigating Opposition to Authority with ADHD Perspectives

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

It's safe to say that most people DO NOT like being told what to do...But many ADHDers find this feeling to be disruptive and debilitating in their adult lives.

A frustrated boss stands looming over the shoulder of an agitated and disturbed man trying to work at his computer.

So many ADHDers find ourselves feeling frustrated and resentful towards certain authority figures like...

  • Parents

  • Bosses

  • Teachers/Professors

  • Sometimes even significant others

It's often not the authority itself that we are opposed to but when our needs, opinions, and sense of self feel as though they are being shrugged off or questioned. We are the most opposed to individuals that expect us to complete tasks in a specific way and don't listen to the methods that work WITH our neurodiverse brains. Emotional dysregulation inhibits our ability to differentiate between being rejected vs critiqued. So...If we feel someone rejects and disregards our sense of self and way of thinking, why WOULD we want to listen to them?

If you struggle with any of the above, consider trying:

  • ACCOMMODATIONS So often we feel like we have to continue to push through "like everyone else" and we build resentment. (Spoiler alert: You're not "like everyone else" and that's OKAY!) Looking for different tools to maximize your productivity and focus in the workplace? Check out Brooke's feature in Forbes

  • PHONE A FRIEND It's not uncommon for ADHDers to perceive rejection where it is not due to RSD and emotional dysregulation. Next time you're getting steamed about feeling ordered around, talk it out with a third party for vocal processing and an external opinion.

If this resonated with you, consider checking out our Healing ADHD Emotions program! Join this 8-week group journey to heal the past and develop emotional regulation skills for life.

Now back to work, ;)


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