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Escaping the ADHD DOOM SCROLLING Vortex

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

DOOM SCROLLING happens when we get sucked into the dopamine trap of scrolling endless content on the internet.

The internet is DESIGNED to hold you hostage with unending, easy pleasure at your fingertips!

  • Funny videos

  • Political posts

  • Online shopping

  • Researching a personal interest

Doom scrolling is especially dangerous for ADHD brains because they constantly seek the quickest and best stimuli. That's where the internet swoops in to trap us! We can lose hours over the course of our day when we get stuck doom scrolling...

  • On the toilet

  • Before getting out of the car

  • At work

  • In our free time

If you want to make changes in your screen time habits, consider the following:

  • Utilize the SCREEN TIME MONITORING built into your phone. It can kick you out of apps after a set amount of time or lock apps during a specific time of day.

  • Try doing an APP BREAK CHALLENGE and delete your most notorious app for 1 week.

    • Make it a competition

    • Make a list of tasks or activities you can do instead


    • Keep desktop windows small to avoid distracting visuals like ads

    • Disable unnecessary notifications

    • Unsubscribe/unfollow toxic or stressful creators

    • Set a time of day to scroll certain apps

  • IF YOU NEED HELP WITH ACCOUNTABILITY... 3C Activation is a 12 week hybrid group coaching program designed for adult professionals looking to better manage their personal and professional life with ADHD. Visit our website to view the upcoming cohort



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