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ADHDers Worrying to Death☠️

Many ADHDers would say that we tend to worry about A LOT.

In a world with neurotypical expectations, we spend a lot of energy on...

  • Social expectations

  • Being on time

  • Emotional Regulation

  • Not forgetting details

And worrying if we're blending in and doing everything right.

Anxiety is a criminally common comorbidity for ADHD. The worry disorder itself!!

Worrying makes it hard to focus on what we know is important... Which is already a major struggle for us!

ADHD brains are great at hyperfocusing in on our worries, magnifying them until they overwhelm us.

Excessive stress and worry can take a physical and mental toll on our bodies over time.

If you're looking to reduce your worry with ADHD, consider the following...

  • TIME & PLACE When you‘re stuck worrying about something, ask yourself...

"Is now the right time & place to take action on this?"

Remind yourself that there is a time and place later to stress about this task.

  • ASSESS WHAT BODILY NEEDS we haven't been attending to. Maybe we have a lack of...

    • Sleep

    • Nourishment

    • Exercise

    • Time outside

    • Water

  • Practice focusing on what you CAN control and create productive action in. We can’t control everything in our lives but we CAN do our best to work towards the things that make us happy.

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I Believe in you,

Coach Brooke

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