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"You're so Sensitive!" Why ADHDers Might Be Defensive

Updated: Jun 11

It’s a very common experience for ADHDers to hear…

“Woah, don’t take it so seriously.”

“Why are you always so defensive?”

After a lifetime of being criticized and put under a microscope for things that we don’t do on purpose, many ADHDers develop a strong layer of self defense.

Many times, we felt criticized by the "jokes" family would make at the expense of our (often undiagnosed) ADHD symptoms.

Often our feelings were invalidated. When no one seems to take your struggle seriously, you feel like you're the only person who will come to your defense!

Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria also plays a role because we can feel rejected or threatened, even if that was not the person's intention.


Think of a situation where you had a difficult conversation this week or received negative feedback or criticism

  1. How did it make you feel?

  2. What did you need in that moment?

  3. What are you really (insert feeling) about?

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See you soon,

Coach Brooke

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