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Works with: Adults and Students (Ages 8+)

ADHD Productivity & Finance Coach

Gloria is an ADHD Productivity Coach, who focuses on helping her clients create systems and routines that feel good to them, that focus on their strengths/needs, and that work for how they want to live their life. Gloria is from Annapolis, MD and has over 17 years of Special Education teaching experience. She graduated from Notre Dame of Maryland University with a Masters in Leadership and Education with an emphasis in Special Education. Additionally, she received her Bachelors in English Literature and has a Certification in Administration. She loved her job at the high school teaching English Literature to 9th and 10th graders and working with students on achieving their goals in and outside of the classroom.

Gloria is the mother of 2 boys, one with ADHD, and has also been married for 14 years to a spouse with ADHD! As a woman with ADHD herself, Gloria understands the struggles of being multi-passionate and creating a life and a business that she thrives in while working a full time job, managing the household, the budget and all of their family activities!  But, she is also proof that it can be done!


She can't wait to help her online ADHD clients go from feeling chronically chaotic to clear and focused on creating a life they love!

What People Are Saying About Gloria

Gloria has been absolutely wonderful to work with. My daughter loves her and we have seen fantastic improvements with focus, organization, and motivation. Her world is happier and more stress free!
Coaching with Brooke changed my life! Gloria has been my coach since late 2022 and helped me graduate college at a time when I genuinely thought it was going to be impossible. She’s helped me in so many parts of my life including education (graduating college), career (getting a job out of college), finances (my inability to save money), and personally (executive disfunction). She helped me fill my tool belt to take on the real world! Even without a formal ADHD diagnosis I’ve been able to get the help I need to be successful on my own from Gloria and Brooke and I am forever grateful!
Gloria was my daughter’s executive coach for over year. Gloria is great!   We saw a miraculous change in our daughter’s academic performance and her organization with all her activities.  Gloria was always available to her to text with questions.  She also taught great organizational skills so that she was not dependent on Gloria over time.  Though my daughter has ADHD, this coaching would help a lot of high school kids with time management and other organizational skills.

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