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Fighting ADHD Frustration: Strategies to Calm Irritability

Updated: Nov 13, 2023

Frustration is an emotion that everyone feels, but for many ADHDers, it hinders our ability to navigate daily tasks into adulthood.

Man smashing computer in frustration

Individuals with ADHD often get more frustrated with ourselves because we tend to have very high expectations to “make up” for our symptoms. Our desire to compensate for perceived shortcomings can lead to a constant cycle of self-criticism and frustration.

ADHD brains have low emotional regulation which makes our emotions feel BIGGER and more difficult to manage and suppress.

Combined with our poor impulse control and navigating the ups-and-downs of daily life, ADHD brains are bound to get irritable!

If you face frequent frustration that F's with your daily life, consider the following...

  • RESPECT YOUR LIMITS There is so much power in knowing your limits emotionally and honoring them by taking a break, stepping away, and coming back when your emotions cool off.

  • REMEMBER NEGATIVITY BIAS When faced with ADHD frustration, we can fall into all or nothing thinking. Try to remember...It often takes 10 INCREDIBLE things to overrule 1 mildly upsetting thing in our minds.

  • MENTAL ESCAPE Practice creating a calm & safe place that you can enter in your mind by using...

    • Visualizations (Guided audios can help)

    • Pleasant or strong smells

    • Songs that bring you joy or peace

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You've got this,

Coach Brooke

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