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Chasing Carrots & Dodging Distractions – Removing your Blinders for Focus and Growth!

Updated: 4 days ago

Do you ever feel like a horse in constant motion with blinders and a carrot dangling in front of your face?

ADHDers often wake up each day continuously on the go, unable to see the full picture due to our blinded peripheral views.

Blinders, in the context of ADHD, are the things that fly under our radar, stealthily dragging us down into a vortex of chaos within our minds. These elusive distractions hinder our ability to concentrate and accomplish our goals effectively.

Common ADHD Blinders:

  • Lack of self-care

  • Incomplete tasks

  • Unpaid bills/debt

  • Poor planning

  • Overworking

  • Toxic relationships

  • Too little or too much sleep

  • Outdated methods

  • Guilt

When we are constantly in motion and can‘t acknowledge the peripherals, it can be hard to see how to sharpen our focus to make real growth.

If you have excess blinders in your life, consider the following...

  • LIST The first step to eliminating blinders is to be...Well...Less blind to them! Take a few minutes to sit down and list out ALL of the things that weigh heavy on your mind right now.

  • PRIORITIZE Ask yourself...

  • What is most important right now?

  • What weighs the heaviest on my mind right now?

  • What is due sooner?

  • PLAN Now ask yourself...

  • What can I eliminate easily right now in under 10 minutes?

  • What can I delegate to someone else?

  • What can I get help with?

  • Is there anything that would be easier to do while body doubling?

  • Is there anything I'd be willing to pay someone else to do for me?

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I see you,

Coach Brooke

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