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Works with: Students (Ages 8+) and Adults

Executive Function Coach

Dea, is certified professional life coach through The Life Coach Institute, has worked with the company over 4 years, and has over 11 years teaching experience. As a teacher, she observed how individuals with similar struggles all benefited from learning strategies they would consistently use, but what worked for one didn’t always work for another. As an online ADHD coach, she spends time helping clients identify their Executive Function weakness and strengths and the impact on their life. Then, she works with her clients to create unique systems that help them manage their time, prioritizing plans, organizing, or even regulating stress and emotions. Through consistent use and monitoring, she helps clients take these systems and turn them into habits that allows clients to see the changes they are looking for.


Dea received her Bachelor's summa cum laude from St. John’s University, as a dual major in Childhood Education and Special Education. While teaching in Queens, she graduated summa cum laude with a Master of Science in Education in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages from St. John’s. With multiple teaching certifications, she worked in a variety of class settings and grades, working with individuals and their diverse needs. Working predominantly as a Special Education teacher has given her an extensive background in both knowledge and personal experience with ADHD and individualized education plans (IEP). 


Currently, Dea lives in Florida where she homeschools her son who has ADHD. She enjoys being outside with her family, helping the neighbors care for their farm animals, and dedicated to learning something new everyday. Dea's approach at home is the same with all her clients to build a strong foundation based on the individual’s needs, learn different strategies and approaches to solve issues, and create systems around what works best.

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