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Do you Resist the Urge of Oral Fixations?

An oral fixation is a compulsion to stimulate with the mouth.

(Not all ADHDers experience this and not all people who experience this have ADHD)

Oral Fixations can manifest as...

  • Chewing lips or cheeks

  • Smoking or vaping

  • Nail biting

  • Boredom eating

  • Chewing on blankets, towels, or clothing

We often use these as a way to relieve stress, regulate emotions, and even help us focus.

Having an oral fixation is not a bad thing by itself but problems can arise when the stimming method is destructive or harmful to our bodies!

People don’t often speak of oral fixations in the context of adults because we tend to be more self conscious and mask these behaviors.

Woman somberly thinks about chewing on the pen in front of her

It's often primarily the physical act of putting something in our mouth that we feel a craving for. Knowing this, we can find other methods to satisfy our specific urges we feel.

If you're looking to redirect your oral fixation habits, consider the following...

  • H2O, BABY Water is one of the healthiest replacements for oral fixations! Find a good water bottle with a mouth piece that you like or even can chew on.


    • Chew Necklaces

    • Gum

    • Sunflower seeds

    • Blueberries, grapes, & other berries

    • Licorice

    • Carrots or apple slices

    • Mouth Jewelry (Piercings or fake)

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All the best,

Coach Brooke

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