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The ADHD Skin Picking, Lip Chewing, Nail Biting Dilemma

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

Many ADHDers report problems with picking at the skin on their lips, fingers, face, and more.

Skin picking is commonly used as a stim or coping mechanism for managing stress or anxiety. Unfortunately, ADHDers tend to experience these feelings frequently!

We are also prone to similar body-focused repetitive behaviors like hair or eyelash pulling, nose picking, and nail biting.

We may do these behaviors unconsciously or we may realize but have a difficult time stopping ourselves.

We may find both pain and pleasure in our skin picking and we may feel regret or embarrassment when we assess the damage.

In serious cases, these behaviors can even be diagnosed as a specified obsessive-compulsive disorder.

If you're looking to kick your skin picking habits, consider the following...

  • PICK STONES If you're seeking that stimulation and stress relief from the act of picking, paint picking stones might be a good option for you! They are textured rocks covered in rubbery paint and often come with tools for picking the paint out of the crevasses of the rock. (Check out Etsy or Amazon)

  • COVER UPS Pimple patches are a great way to help heal and protect the blemishes you're tempted to pick at. Many individuals paint or get their nails done to avoid the temptation of picking or biting them.

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Coach Brooke

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