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ADHDers Stuck in Waiting Mode

Do you ever have an appointment or commitment later in the day but find yourself STUCK in WAITING MODE?

When we fall into waiting mode, we might get ready hours before and then just sit paralyzed and unable to do anything else, even if we want to and know that there's enough time.

We feel anxious for the event and struggle to think of anything else. At the same time, we feel guilt and shame for not making efficient use of the time.

Although waiting mode is not exclusive to ADHDers, it is much more common and debilitating for individuals with executive functioning struggles.

If you're ready to break free from waiting mode, consider the following...

  • OUTSOURCE REMEMBERING If you’re constantly checking the time, find someone or something that will remind you when the time comes. Alarmy and Tiimo are two ADHD friendly alarm apps to try.

  • BRAIN DUMP YOUR ANXIETY Brain dump your thoughts on paper and research the things that are making you anxious. Figure out what you want to say, map your route & time it takes, Google street view the location, or list out your steps for the event.

  • LOW FUNCTION TASKS Start with quick & manageable low executive functioning tasks to get yourself unstuck. It's easier to move and think once the momentum is started.

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Good Luck,

Coach Brooke

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