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Coaching Mastermind

A brain with a star coming out of it to represent unlocking your brain, with the Coaching Mastermind.
Local Business Manager

The Coaching Mastermind is for any coach looking to start or grow their group of coaches. Join Brooke as she explains how to grow your business, increase impact and net profit, and all of the ins and outs of running an ADHD coaching brand.

What Does This Process Include?

  • There will be 6 sessions total and we will cover:
    -Systems and Operations
    -Hiring and employment/contractors (Coaches, Assistants, Etc)
    -Onboarding Coaches for success
    -Marketing and Branding
    -Retention and Culture
    -Metrics, timelines and expansion

    The cost will be $400 a month for three months.
    This will include all 6 sessions, a resource library, and a WhatsApp group for additional support.

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