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Why Can ADHD Boredom Lead to Risky Means for Satisfaction? │ Stimulation Seeking

ADHDers frequently face understimulation due to our dopamine deficiency.

It‘s an uncomfortable feeling of boredom that can lead us to resort to questionable methods for satisfaction!

Common Stimulation Seeking Behaviors:

  • Fast driving

  • Oral fixations or boredom eating

  • Skin picking

  • Loud music and/or crazy dancing

  • Social media doom scrolling

  • Increased competitiveness

It‘s our instinct to turn to the quickest activity for the easiest dopamine. When left unchecked, the stimulation seeking tendencies can easily be self destructive or harmful to our relationships.

In our relationships (Platonic, romantic, etc), we may cheat, start arguments, or jump in and out of exciting and often toxic relationships.

Sexual stimulation releases endorphins that helps to reduce the restlessness caused by our ADHD. Some ADHDers may seek sex more to achieve this relief.

If you're looking for safer solutions to stimulation seeking, consider the following...

  • Start a conversation or debate on a topic that interests you

  • Try high-intensity sports like mountain biking or 4-wheelers

  • Workout or try competitive activities like weight lifting or team sports

  • Try making something new instead of going shopping. "Shop" your closet or storage instead and get crafty with what you find.

  • Seek a trained professional to tackle addictions

  • Try high-adrenaline hobbies like zip-lining or roller coasters

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Have fun,

Coach Brooke

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