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ADHD & How Trauma Can Affect Relationships

Unfortunately many ADHDers carry trauma through their adult lives. Not only are we more likely to receive it, but our brains are wired to hold on to it.

It’s important to remember that no one can define trauma for somebody elseSomething that might be nothing to one person can still be traumatizing to another.

We are often very hyper self-aware of our differences (even before we know we have ADHD) so we tend to nitpick the things we say and do more.

This can lead to many perceived embarrassing moments that haunt our subconscious for decades...Even if other people don’t remember.

We may negatively misinterpret things our loved ones and others say to usTraumatized brains use hypervigilance to keep you safe.

We can easily become avoidant in relationships and abandon ship when we sense a hint of rejection.

If you struggle with trauma sneaking into your relationships, consider the following...

  • TALK ABOUT YOUR TRIGGERS There needs to be to be open communication so both parties can mutually understand...

  • What upsets the other person (Their trigger)

  • That they are upset by the trigger and not you as a person


  • Feeling excluded or not invited

  • Making mistakes and being called out

  • Sudden difference in communication style

  • Jokes about being lazy, slow moving, or forgetful

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Lots of love,

Coach Brooke

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