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What on Earth is Body Doubling?

Updated: Feb 5

You may hear “body doubling” thrown around the ADHD community a lot....

No, unfortunately we don’t have stunt doubles.

Do you ever find it easier to get work done when someone else is working or just sitting beside you?

You may want to try adding body doubling to your toolkit!

Body doubling is simply having someone else in the room or with you virtually to “hold you accountable” for focusing on your work.🧑‍🤝‍🧑

A friend, coworker, family, pet, and even strangers can serve as a body double. That’s why it’s common for people to seek out libraries and coffee shops as places to study or get work done.

Your body double is not literally FORCING you to sit down and focus, but it’s much less tempting to do something else than planned when body doubling.

You can talk to your body double before you start your task and discuss what you need from them.

Do you need them to…

💁‍♀️Talk OR let you focus?

💁‍♀️Participate OR do their own thing?

💁‍♀️Sit close by OR give some space?

Once you’ve come to an agreement, it’s time to power through your tasks. Bonus points if you body double for each other and both get stuff done! 💃🕺

Using a body double doesn’t have to be meticulously planned out either. Sometimes it will happen without you or your body double being aware.

One of our CWB Team Members told us, "On my Anniversary trip with my boyfriend he found himself doing the dishes, taking out the trash, and cleaning up unprompted. He turned to me with a dish sponge in hand and said “Oh my god, wait are we body doubling right now?? Cause it’s working really well.”

(We don’t live together yet, but I’ll have to keep this in mind for when we do. 🤔🤭)"

P.S. CWB has a body doubling group for our 3C Activation members included for both our CWB Course, group and 1:1 members!!👀👀

Learn more about 3C Activation

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