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Deadline Battles with ADHD

The word DEADLINE often sends a shiver down an ADHDer's spine.

We may feel...

  • Frozen with fear

  • Anxious

  • Indifferent until the last minute

  • Or even motivated by the urgency!


For some individuals, the fear generated by deadlines can be paralyzing. The pressure of meeting a deadline can be so overwhelming that we struggle to even start the task!

Most individuals with ADHD NEED deadlines. Although, we often wait until right before it's due to complete the task.

We tend to struggle with keeping track of the passage of time, on top of distractions and impulsivity... Before we know it, the deadline has arrived!

In adulthood, we tend to have a lot of information to process and it can be even easier for us to forget specific details like a deadline.

If these feelings resonate with you, consider the following...


ADHDers that are motivated by deadlines can harness artificial checkpoints to create a sense of urgency. "This part of the project HAS to be done before mom comes over this weekend."


One of the main reasons ADHDers report is poor prioritization. It's difficult to get tasks done within a deadline if we aren't clear on what is due first or more important.


Tasks can seem mountainous when we think about all of the steps involved. Break down your overwhelming tasks into bite-sized pieces and chip away at it, rewarding and acknowledging your progress as you go.

Learn better strategies to manage deadlines while maximizing motivation with my #1 Best Selling book/workbook: "Activate Your ADHD Potential"

You've got this,

Coach Brooke

Brooke with her Book

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