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⚠️DANGERS of "Productive" Procrastination

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

Do you ever jump into a mad cleaning spree or a project you haven't touched in years when there’s a more intentional task that you should be doing instead?

Productive procrastination happens when we avoid scary or boring tasks by occupying ourselves with another task. (Often a much less urgent one)

We feel guilt from not doing the task that we know we need to do so we compensate by using the anxious energy to complete other tasks.

If you're struggling with productive procrastination, consider trying...

  • IDENTIFY what's causing your blockage. Is it because of...?

    • Overwhelm from too many steps

    • Can’t visualize the end result

    • Fear it’ll take too long

    • Past embarrassment or touches an anxiety

  • NOW REACH INTO YOUR TOOLBOX to find a method to work through it.

    • Plan it out with someone

    • Hire help

    • Schedule a day/time to do it & utilize a body double to stay accountable

  • NEED HELP WITH ACCOUNTABILITY? 3C Activation is a 12 week hybrid group coaching program designed for adult professionals looking to better manage their personal and professional life with ADHD. Check out our website to view the upcoming cohort.

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