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Starting a Business with ADHD

Many ADHDers have found ourselves in jobs where we are underpaid and taken advantage of for our loyalty. So it’s no surprise that we’re 3x more likely to start our own business!

An ADHD entrepreneur advantage is that we tend to be astoundingly creative with outside the box thinking for solutions to situations that would sway others.

We have relentless passion for things that interest us. And pursue opportunities that challenge conventional norms.

However the difficulties with focus, organization, and time management that come with ADHD, can present challenges when it comes to running a business.

We can also become so fixated into our business that we neglect family, friends, bodily needs, and household tasks.

If you're an ADHDer starting or looking to start their own business, consider the following...

  • CREATE DEADLINES!! You’re now in charge of when things are completed. We NEED to set deadlines to get things done with ADHD.

  • CENTRALIZED HUB Have a main board for you and employees to see and add to. Add ALL notes, tasks, appointments, and resources to the same accessible cloud service. (We use Asana)

Are you a high-achieving adult looking for more tools, structure, and accountability, to calm the chaos of your ADHD brain, build consistency in your habits and routines, and live a more confident life? Check out our signature process and program 3C Activation starting soon.

You've got this,

Coach Brooke

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