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How to Get Organized If You Struggle with Object Permanence

Apartment Therapy

I’ve been professionally organizing for a long time now. A few years ago, before my own ADHD diagnosis, I was working with a client who wanted me to organize her things so she could see them all. It made sense, as she admitted to frequently leaving the house and forgetting something critical. The problem, however, was that she had a lot of things in a very small space. So no matter how neatly I tried to arrange stuff, her place looked perpetually cluttered.

After finding out that I had ADHD, I began to study and better understand the struggles that accompany it, including object permanence, or the knowing that an object exists even when it’s not visible. This was what my client was trying to combat when she asked me not to store her things “away.”If this sounds like you, here’s what ADHD experts had to say to help shed some light on the subject and allow you (or someone you know) to stay better organized...

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