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How ADHD Can Be An Asset In The Workplace, According To Brooke Schnittman


ADHD is one of the most common neurodevelopmental disorders. 8.8% of children ages 4-17 had ADHD in 2018. Having ADHD can be a challenge, but there are some benefits to having ADHD. From enhanced creativity to having more energy, people with ADHD can and do contribute positively to the workplace. However, stigma surrounding neurodivergence can affect the way professionals with ADHD are treated at work.

Many people with ADHD fear telling their colleagues or boss out of fear of backlash. Some people with ADHD are bullied as children. Many are othered in the classroom and put in separate study groups for students with neurodevelopmental disorders. This can have a significant impact on the way someone with ADHD views themself.

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