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The Troubled Relationship of ADHD & Consistency

ADHDers have a unique love-hate relationship with consistency.

Our brains THRIVE on routines and we often love eating our same favorite foods and watching the same shows. However we can easily get bored and antsy with too much mundanity.

Our level of executive function is NOT consistent day to day. Some days, productivity is a major struggle...While other days we feel like we can accomplish anything!

Most of our symptoms aren't consistent either. Some days we can better regulate our...

  • Emotions

  • Impulses

  • Inattention

  • Hyperactivity

...And other days we're off the walls!

Our relationships are anything but consistent between forgetting birthdays and texts yet remembering tiny details about them, or perceiving rejection (RSD) yet having extreme emotional intelligence for other people.

  • LEARN TOOLS to create consistency in your persistency with your habits & routines to create greater confidence. 3C Activation Adult ADHD Coaching for High Achievers covers the topics below and so much more in a 12-week online group setting.

  • AUTOMATE your consistency. Cloud services are an ADHDers best friend. This way you can vocalize notes on your phone, open it on your tablet at work/school, then pull it up on your computer at home.

  • NARROW YOUR FOCUS I know this is SO difficult for us ADHDers but if you're struggling to stay on top of tasks, you may be spreading yourself too thin. Consider your priorities and where you really need to hone consistency.

Let’s get consistent in our persistency together...3C Activation Adult Group Coaching program created for ADHDers, BY ADHDers. It's a 12 week online group coaching program designed for adult professionals looking to better manage their personal and professional life with ADHD. Learn more

All the best,

Coach Brooke

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