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I've Come Leaps and Bounds, now CREEPS and BOUNDaries...WHAT HAPPENED?!

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

Does this sound like you...

✔️You plan out your time or your intentions?


✔️You feel fulfilled and empowered by planning, which allows you to the freedom to balance your time and energy!?


✔️✔️All of a sudden, OUT OF NOWHERE, you start feeling drained by your day, but are not sure why?!?

🧟‍♂️ ENTER…CREEP! 🧟‍♀️

🧟‍♀️Your schedule CREEPED up on you, unwanted time, focus, and energy CREEPED UP ON YOU.


🧟‍♂️You started saying “yes” to more things, other peoples’ plans or intentions, your shiny new ideas…

⏳Your time, ALL OF A SUDDEN, became focused on these new ideas, energy, and tasks…

⌛And unbeknownst to you while this was occurring, this started 🧟‍♂️CREEPING🧟‍♀️ into your personal time, your planned time, the time that you had intended, the time that centers you, the time that focuses you, the time you look forward to!?

What you didn’t realize at the time is you STOPPED focusing and planning YOUR time, which was intentional and served a purpose for YOU...

Leading you to feel overwhelmed, drained, and increased your negative thoughts.

❤️ I get it, I’ve been here too!

If this has happened to you, consider the following action items...

1. Reflect:

*Ask yourself...

❓What's changed?

❓What unwanted energy and time has been added to my life?

❓What am I giving up with this new unwanted energy or time?

❓❓Do I know the answers to the above 3 questions? If not, NO PROBLEM, consider Action Item 2, below!

2. Start a Daily Journal For One Week (Or More if Wanted):

*Each day record...

➡️ your energy sucking tasks

➡️ your empowering tasks

3. Take Action:

*Once you identify what’s changed, what’s unwanted, determine what to do about it...

✔️SET BOUNDARIES! Boundaries to yourself, boundaries on what you allow from others.

✔️CREATE A NEW AND IMPROVED SCHEDULE! What might have worked at one point with your schedule, might not be working now, it's okay to change things!


I hope these action items have helped you to feel more comfortable in becoming more aware of what's happening and feeling like it's OKAY to change it!

For more tips on time management, reframing and scheduling, email me at You got this!

-Coach Brooke

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