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Hydration SOS: Defeating ADHD Dehydration

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

As ADHDers, we often have a difficult time remembering to do mundane tasks like eat and drink water!

On top of this, our ADHD stimulant medications can dehydrate us faster than normal and leave us with dry mouth.

We may forget to drink for extended periods of time when we hyperfocus.

Many ADHDers have poor interoception...The perception of sensations in the body.

We might not even notice that we're thirsty until our mouth feels like cotton and we feel dizzy!

If we don't drink enough water, we may...

  • Develop acne breakouts

  • Get migraines

  • Have decreased brain function

  • Experience achy muscles

If you have ADHD and are struggling to stay hydrated, consider trying...

  • A FAVORITE BOTTLE I've found that having a good water bottle with features that I like is a great way to keep myself hydrated. Example features: Filtering, fruit infusing, large capacity, holds temperature well, a mouthpiece you like, or even aesthetics.

  • HYDRATION WITH ELECTROLYTES There is no substitute for water, but you can increase your fluid intake with...

    • Juice

    • Flavored water

    • Sports drinks

    • Smoothies

    • Tea

    • Coconut water

  • SET A REMINDER Reduce the pressure of avoiding dehydration by scheduling water breaks. Utilize alarms, apps, or a friend to remind you to pause and drink water.

Want tools for staying on top of your priorities? 3C Activation is a 12 week hybrid group coaching program designed for adult professionals looking to better manage their personal and professional life with ADHD. Check out our website to view the upcoming cohort.

Stay Hydrated,


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