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The Power of Feeling Okay with Being Disliked with ADHD

Updated: Jun 12

It's said that 20% of people you meet won't like you and it's almost always not your fault and out of your control.

The way ADHDers vs neurotypicals interact can be an influence on both parties feelings as we can tend to be more expressive & aware of others emotions.

With ADHD, it‘s important for us to remember how RSD can skew our perceptions of peoples intentions or feelings towards us.

A woman looks back at another and imagines her thinking "so annoying" but the other woman is actually thinking "So cool"

RSD or rejection sensitive dysphoria is "Characterized by extreme emotional sensitivity to being criticized or rejected, whether real or perceived rejection." -Steven Gans, MD

We can experience RSD because of:

  • Pattern recognition in relationships that have ended

  • People pleasing

  • Frequent rejection or abandonment feelings from parents or peers

  • All or nothing thinking: If they're not over the top nice, they must hate me

  • Past experiences with being bullied

RSD signs to look out for:

  • Avoiding talking to them or about the situation

  • Assuming they'll reject before I actually get an answer

  • Feeling like there's no way I could do well

  • Making far-fetched assumptions from how I know they normally act

  • Can't think about anything else but how embarrassing the situation is

  • Thoughts are overwhelmed with emotions

Finding peace with being disliked is HUGE for our RSD and imposter syndrome once we can finally break free from the anxiety of striving for perfect approval from people who's opinions we don't truly care about.

A woman does breathing exercises while a peaceful aura surrounds her. There are people on both sides of her making judgmental faces but they are crossed out because it doesn't matter: she broke free from the anxiety of striving for perfect approval from people who's opinions she doesn't truly care about

If you have ADHD and struggle with being disliked, consider the following...

  • Remember that you could be the sweetest peach on the tree but there's people out there who just don't like peaches.

  • It's seriously them, not you. Someone who is so quick to judge and look down on others is either unaware of others emotions as a result of their actions, or very hurt and traumatized themselves.

  • You should not and realistically cannot change yourself to make EVERYONE like you. It’s not your job to change peoples' minds.

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You're alright ;)

Coach Brooke

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