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Meet Brooke Schnittman MA, ACC, BCC: ADHD and Executive Function Coach

We had the good fortune of connecting with Brooke Schnittman MA, ACC, BCC and we’ve shared our conversation below.

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BROOKE SCHNITTMAN, Shares Her Tips For Back To School Organization “Sound” Education For Broken Sound Residents From A Top Notch ADHD And Executive Function Coach

Working to make a difference in the lives of others is one of the most rewarding endeavors a person can take on. One of those individuals in particular, who is constantly striving to better the lives of others, is Brooke Schnittman. Brooke works as an Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Executive Function Coach for individuals of all ages. Eleven percent of children in the United States are diagnosed with ADHD. Brooke uses her understanding of the struggles faced by those with ADHD to support and enrich the lives of individuals who manage this condition on a daily basis.

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ADHD and time management - Take control and feel empowered with this ADHD coach advice

It can be challenging to regulate your attention most days but, for an individual with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD or ADD), it's even more difficult. Problems with organization and prioritization come into play and can leave you feeling overwhelmed.

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“Can We Save Our Marriage? Should We?” ADHD Marital Problems Compounded by the Pandemic

Marital problems have multiplied during — and been amplified by — the pandemic for many couples touched by ADHD. If your relationship has suffered, read these marriage-rescuing strategies from an ADHD coach. Hint: It’s all about letting the positives outweigh the negatives.

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Boynton Beach Woman Offering Help for Those Living With ADHD

A Boynton Beach woman has a company geared toward helping those living with ADHD, or Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder, to better function.

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"When I Finally Understood My Whole Life"

Managing ADHD: Three Life Coaches Share What’s Worked for Them

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"I Saw the Sign"

I used to follow other people's advice. I'm so glad I stopped. It began with my mom. "Be a teacher," she had said, because she was a teacher herself. So I did it.

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"What's behind the nationwide Adderall shortage?"

Adderall, the most popular medication to treat Attention Deficit Disorder, is in short supply like never before. As a result, millions across the country are struggling to get the drugs they need to focus and treat their ADHD symptoms every day.

Join Brooke as she covers the reasons behind the nationwide Adderall shortage.

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People Suspect There's Something Off With Their Adderall...

Is it just me, or is Adderall less effective right now?

POPSUGAR has the inside scoop on the Adderall shortage that's been leaving many of us ADHDers in the lurch. They've talked to experts and patients alike to get to the bottom of what's going on and how it's affecting our lives.

Don't miss out on this must-read article featuring insights from Brooke.

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CRUSH Your To-Do's with 'Body Doubling'

Sick of getting side-tracked? Struggle to stay focused and productive at home?

'Body Doubling' might be the productivity hack you've been searching for...This technique involves partnering with another person to provide each other with accountability and motivation while tackling individual tasks.

In this article from Apartment Therapy, you'll discover how to implement 'Body Doubling' into your workflow and start seeing real results...Featuring input from our very own Brooke Schnittman!

Get ready to crush your to-do list, beat the procrastination bug, and get more done in less time! Click the link below to read the full article and level up your productivity game!!

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Do You Have ADHD? Here Are A Few Ways To Make Work Easier

Battling ADHD in the workplace? Don't fret...You're about to discover game-changing strategies for ADHD SUCCESS at work!

This Forbes article contains powerful techniques to organize around your strengths, craft a personalized work system, and become your own advocate. Plus, we spill the tea on effective communication with your boss, task breakdown hacks, must-have apps, and creating a self-care routine that's all the rage.

Say goodbye to ADHD roadblocks and hello to career triumph...Check out this article!

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Tips to Nail the Interview with Social Anxiety

Overcoming social anxiety and landing your dream job may seem like an insurmountable challenge, but it's absolutely within reach when you're armed with the right strategies!!

Did you know that almost 50% of all ADHD adults also have a form of anxiety?

In this insightful article featuring our own Brooke Schnittman, experts share valuable tips to help individuals with social anxiety navigate the hiring process and excel in their careers. From researching potential employers to finding interview questions, conducting mock interviews, reaching out to previous employees, and developing a networking strategy, these practical techniques empower individuals to confidently pursue job opportunities while managing their social anxiety.

Don't let social anxiety hold you back from achieving professional success—discover the tools and support you need to thrive in the workplace.

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