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Can I Have ADHD but NOT be Hyperactive?

The short answer is...Yes!

We classify ADHD into 3 types and hyperactivity is just one of them.

Many people believe that hyperactivity is a primary symptom of ADHD. Often due to the "hyperactive little boy" stigma (and the fact that it's in the name).

The 3 types that we currently use are:

  • Impulsive/Hyperactive

  • Inattentive (Previously known as ‘ADD’)

  • Combined

Those with Inattentive ADHD are more likely to:

  • Be called forgetful or a daydreamer

  • Feel distracted or unfocused

  • Overlook details and leave tasks unfinished

Those with Hyperactive ADHD are more likely to:

  • Be called quirky or a handful

  • Feel restless or understimulated

  • Become bored before finishing a task

It's not always black and white with our symptoms. Some individuals may be predominantly hyperactive or inattentive and some may lie somewhere between.

Remember that not expressing hyperactive traits does not negate your ADHD symptoms or your struggles. Everyone experiences their own set of ADHD symptoms with differing severity.

💥My top tip for inattentive ADHDers... Use lyric-less music to improve focus! Instrumental music helps to keep our brains stimulated without getting distracted. Try listening to Lo-fi music or soundtracks from your favorite movies, shows, games, etc

All my best,

Coach Brooke

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