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ADHD Power Tools                               

Past  Presentations


  • ADHD EdCamp 2020, ADHD Edcamp Home 2021 (Spring), ADHD Edcamp Home 2021 (Fall)

  • How to Manage ADHD and Executive Function Challenges

  • I Wrote My To-Do's Now What

  • Tricks and Tips to Manage Time

  • What is CHADD and How Can it Help Me With ADHD?

  • Tips to Organize Your Life With ADHD

  • Data Collection

  • What’s Special About Special Education? 

  • IEP Development

  • Co-Teaching/ Collaborative Model

  • Differentiated Instruction

  • Special Education in the Middle School 

  • Supports in Middle School

  • Response to Intervention (RtI)

  • The Transition from Middle School to High School

  • Differentiating the Common Core Curriculum for Students with Disabilities

  • Representation of LGBT Students in Special Education Settings: A Live Case Study