Parent Coaching

Partner With Your Child to Discover Their Strengths, Interests, and Passions!

Do you have a child with ADHD and/or executive functioning weaknesses?​

Do you want to learn more about how to help and guide your child?​​

Parents of children with ADHD and executive functioning difficulties can face many challenges.


Allow me to help you partner while parenting your child with support and guidance.

Clients' Feedback

"He's checking his list in the morning which is cute and working :). He's doing great in school behavior-wise too and he said those rubber bands on his chair are helping. It was really helpful when you have us the "drop the mic" tip. Love that! So I'm less frustrated and also giving him a minute to process. Working on the homework with the time and he also likes the Time Timer.

Overall, he's doing really good, thank you!"

-Client, Delray Beach, Fl

"Such great advice!! Thanks! I tend to lead with my heart and react but I'm practicing breathing and walking away more these days."

-Client, Miami, Fl

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