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Cathy Rashidian is a Certified Executive Coach with a focus on Adult ADHD - supporting entrepreneurs and business professionals who have been diagnosed with ADHD. Cathy works collaboratively with her clients to move past the ADHD diagnosis by understanding their unique brain wiring and collaboratively provides sustainable personalized action plans that help her clients thrive in the workplace and at home.

She draws upon her extensive and successful corporate career of twenty years and her own experience with ADHD to equip her clients with tools and strategies for success.

After being diagnosed with ADHD in her 40's, Cathy decided to leave behind her successful corporate career to pursue learning about neuroscience of the brain as it relates to ADHD, empowering herself and others to live a fulfilled life, as opposed to a life defined by the label. She received her Certified Professional Coach credentials through iPEC Coaching Academy, one of the top professional coaching institutes in North America and recognized by the International Coaching Federation. She then continued to further her training with a focus on neuroscience-based coaching specializing in ADHD and graduated from the ADD Coaching Academy which is recognized as one of the ADHD Coach training programs in the world.

Teen and Adult ADHD & Executive Function

Life Coach

Justin Converse became a certified life coach in 2018 through The Life Coach Institute of Orange County and began working with both children and adults before starting his training with JST Coaching and Training. JST focuses on working with teens and adults with ADHD and Executive Functioning issues. Prior to coaching, Justin majored in psychology at Ohio University, and it is because of his experiences there that sparked his interest in coaching. At age six, he was diagnosed with ADHD as well as a Learning Disability. Because of this, he was medicated at an early age and an Individual Education Plan (IEP) was established. Back then it was standard to treat ADHD and Executive Functioning issues solely with medications and academic accommodations because it was assumed he couldn’t succeed on his own. In school, he was very disorganized, but because of these accommodations he always had someone to make sure he turned in his work on time. However, this situation set him up for failure once he started university. Without the IEP and personal instructor, he struggled to keep his life organized and to find the motivation to study.


These struggles with basic life skills made Justin realize the benefits of having a knowledgeable and experienced coach and has given him a passion to help others succeed and achieve their goals. Combining Justin’s personal experience with his knowledge of ADHD and executive functioning, Justin and his clients can work together to reach their goals and attain the skills needed to succeed in life. Justin's belief is that once you take the step to join in the coaching process, nothing is out of reach. Justin's hobbies include paddle-boarding with his boyfriend, taking the dog to the beach, and traveling as much as possible.

Jeanne O’Brien is a 20 year veteran of the public school system in New York State. She began her career in education working with pre-kindergarten students in a center-based special education school.

After receiving an MS in elementary education and special education at Adelphi University, Long Island, Jeanne worked for the New York City school system. She then moved to the Jericho School District where she provided support services for middle school and high school students. Jeanne was chosen to be on the first co-teaching team in Jericho Middle School where she helped develop and implement differentiated instruction throughout the curriculum and promoted goal-setting strategies to enhance learning. Jeanne's hobbies include kayaking, exercising, reading, traveling, and spending time with friends and family.

ADHD & Executive Function Coach

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