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" As the Director of People for a global wellbeing company, it was extremely important to make sure our employees had the BEST TOOLS and ADVICE to navigate working from home during a pandemic.  Brooke helped implement and navigate best work from home practices WHILE DEALING WITH A TON OF DISTRACTIONS. Brooke and 3C Activation were absolutely inspirational and motivational.

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Brooke's 3C Activation course!"

-Dan Steinberg DOP for Chopra Global

" Thank you for introducing me to 3C ACTIVATION! THANK YOU FOR CHANGING MY LIFE!"

-Mark- NYU Grad and Coach

"Best $500 I've ever invested!"

-Jake Nordvall- CEO and Founder of Voyager Construction



3C Activation "The Course" is a MUST for adults with ADHD 18 and older who are beyond ready to step into a new paradigm of living, find order in the chaos of their ADHD life, and transform themselves so they can be more productive, confident, and lead a thriving life.

What This Course Includes: ​​

  • 4  Group Coaching Calls

  • 12 Guided Video Lessons

  • 12 Printable PDFs and Worksheets

  • Downloadable Course Slides

  • Access to our Private Facebook Community 3C Activation

  • Access to Previous Call Recordings

  • Breakdown of Brooke’s Ebook “How to Focus by Focusing Your Time” (Presented to and Recommended by Chopra Global and Attention Deficit Disorder Association Staff, As seen on America’s Voice News, iHeartRadio, Different Brains Series, and thousands of other individuals with ADHD)

  • Opportunity for an accountability partners and body doubling on our private Focus Mate group

3C Activation Course  Outline

PHASE 1: Foundational Self Discovery (Lessons 1-4) 

In order to slow and stop the chaos, we need to start with the chaos. This means shining a light on the parts of your life that are unbalanced. You’ll learn the subconscious beliefs that have blocked you from living in alignment with your actual strengths and values. No more beating yourself up for the mistakes you’ve made or playing over past shortcomings or events in your head. In this foundational pillar, we’ll use cutting edge methodologies that will allow you to learn and embrace what makes you uniquely YOU so you no longer have to question yourself or feel shame for who you are. The initial sense of encouragement and "I can do this!" will likely surface during this process. You'll be filled with excitement as new possibilities emerge and we design your unique plan of action. 


PHASE 2: Growth Edge Zone (Lessons 5-8)

Growth edge occurs when “out with the old...in with the new.” Once you've uncovered the crucial blocks that have been in your way for years, if not decades, you are now going to test your learnings with new - and likely - uncomfortable action. 


In this section, you will learn the path to action your unique and specific goals by developing your "WHYs" and “WHATs”. We'll use the proven framework, "How to Focus By Focusing Your Time". You'll be equipped with the tools and support you need to stay focused, even on the most challenging days, but this time, in a way that you can actually and finally enjoy and manage for years to come because of your increased confidence, consistency and habit stacking you have integrated for the past 4 weeks. 


PHASE 3: 3C ACTIVATION "Control, Consistency, Confidence" (Lessons 9-12)

3C Activation means control over your past beliefs, which allows you the space for consistency in your new and healthy habits and routines, which leads to ultimate newfound confidence in yourself, your abilities, and your power.

This is the phase where you will feel most challenged because we must ensure you’re equipped to maintain long-lasting habit change. Without this, you’ll revert back to your old ways, the biggest challenge for ADHD adults. This is where our habit-stacking process continues to reinforce and bulletproof this for you. Habit stacking starts with small expectations (as built upon in Phase 1 and 2), which then builds the muscle memory of completing your routine, and we then add more tasks once you’re consistent. In this phase, we will add new tasks to your routines and take you to a whole new level of productivity and feeling of SUCCESS. You will have the unique experience of testing your new routines in the real world while having the support, accountability, and challenge you need to achieve your next level of growth. You’ll learn how to prioritize your to-dos and to-don'ts, delegate unwanted tasks, and maintain forward consistency and momentum for the next 3 months! This is about changing the way in which you show up in the world: with greater control, consistency, and confidence than you ever thought possible! No more being held back by your ADHD, rather, being empowered by it.